Veterans Are Not For Sale

Lately, I have noticed so many non-profit organizations and recruiting firms that have popped up. They all have programs specializing in veteran support. Some even have campaigns to raise monthly funds that go toward supporting these transitioning veterans. This is all fine and good. I applaud that others have seen the need that exists. After 9/11 our military grew tremendously, and we were not prepared for the influx of transitioning veterans years down the line. When I began helping transitioning veterans 7 years ago, there was very little help for them. As my husband was nearing the end of his career I was amazed to find zero support offered to him. I sat down with my father, and we discussed a way for us to help provide tools that could help veterans searching for a new career. We were successful in doing just that. Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that there are a lot of organizations out there now that are not doing the job they are promising and the amount of them out there has become an epidemic. After having numerous transitioning veterans reach out to me and hearing what they have been going through with these organizations;  just in January and February alone. I have now had enough. I live by the motto of staying in my lane in regards to business affairs not my own. So after dedicating all these years to support our veterans and have them coming to be frustrated, it has now become my problem. Let me make myself clear. Transitioning veterans are not for sale! In business, you must consider a few things. Am I being true to myself? Am I being true to my clientele? Am I delivering on my product and word? If not, then ask yourself why? When you compromise your integrity and ethics for a positive bottom line; you have chosen to follow the $$ rather doing what is right. Being misleading and getting rich on the coat tail of a veteran will end badly… It just will. Veterans are not a product. They are a person. This person served your country and fought to ensure you lived a free life. A free life abling you to do as you please whenever you please. These veterans have families and have bills to pay just as you do. They deserve better than being a number in your program or simply a boost in your own career. 

A word of advice to all transitioning veterans. 

Please please please do a thorough check on all organizations promising you results. If it is a non-profit, confirm what they promise is looking after your needs not their own. If it cost you money as a non-profit, then it is not I good idea to continue. As for businesses offering services, it is wise to ensure you speak to an individual. Personal assistance is KEY in the process of a transitioning veteran. There is NO WAY to identify your unique needs using a computer application. When they start pushing you off onto their fillable files, only have online programs, will not talk to you until you pay, will not talk to you at all… then beware! You most likely have already become a number to them. The kind of number that makes them rich and keeps you without a job. I know that transitioning is hard for a veteran. I know all about the woes that come along with it both personally and professionally. this is why it is so important to find the right help. The ones who truly care about your well-being and the success of your future.

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